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Seed Saving Seminars for Indigenous Women in Agriculture

Tuesday, August 9

Session 1: Introductions and NS/S Seed Access Programs


Crop Domestication and Plant Families

View the Session 1 recording here>>

    Tuesday, August 16,

    Session 2: Traditional and nontraditional methods of Seed Saving 

      Seed Storage

      Labeling and Documentation

      Flower Types, Life Cycle, and Reproduction

      View the Session 2 recording here>>

      Tuesday, August 23

      Session 3: Seed production and seed cleaning

        Field Planning for Seed Saving and Post-harvest Seed Cleaning

        View the Session 3 recording here>>

        October in-person session

        • Tour Native Seed/SEARCH Conservation Center seed bank, seed lab, and garden 
        • Lunch provided
        • Share and discuss seed saving and garden design plans
        • Seminar participant seed swap.  



        NS/S Seed Policy

        NS/S Seed Access Programs

        Germination Test Video

        Other NS/S Videos

        Organic Seed Alliance Publications

        Seed Savers Exchange

        Flower pollination and fertilization examined | Britannica

        Double Fertilization in Angiosperms


              Crop Note Taking Templates:

              Crop Report Sheet - Excel

              Crop Report Sheet - WordDoc