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  • | Joel Johnson

    Adopt a Crop End-of-Summer Update

    The thermometer is still dancing between 99 and 100 as I write in mid-October, but I’m branding this our “end of summer” update in hopes that maybe wishing will make it so.   Those of you Sonoran Desert dwellers know that calling this summer a challenging growing season is an understatement. Nat... View Post
  • | Sheryl Joy

    Will This Seed Grow Where I live?

    It's seed-catalog browsing season, that time when many gardeners around the country find a cozy spot to do their garden dreaming and planning. This season our NS/S staff often hear this question: Will this variety grow well in my garden in ________?  Fill in the blank with any town from Wenatchee... View Post
  • | Laura Neff

    Fall Planting for Spring Blooms

    Spring wildflower season is one of the desert’s most colorful periods. But planning for those multicolored displays in the spring requires planning in the Fall.  The prime time to plant spring flowers in the low desert areas of southern Arizona is during late September through early December. View Post