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No. 118: Fall 2014

| Betsy Armstrong

Barney Burns Special Tribute Issue · A "Chucky-Jam Full" Life · Dr. Barney Burns, Native Seeds/SEARCH Co-Founder, Passes On, Leaving Us a Legacy of Hope and Humor · Barney Tillman Burns III, 1945-2014, a Native Seeds/SEARCH Founder and Note Seed-Saver · Simulated Anasazi Storage Behavior Using Crop Yields Reconstructed from Tree Rings: A.D. 652–1968 · Life with Barney · Tarahumara Indian Country Explored for Seeds · Interesting Characteristics Noted for Mountain Pima Yellow Sweetcorn · Trinchera Tradition in the Sierra Made · Boxes on a Low Budget · A Short History of Mrs. Burns' Lemon Basil · Barney · Adventures with the Unique Burns · The Battle for the Treasure of the Sierra Madre · Poetry and Pragmatism · When the Rains Don't Come · Barney Burns, 1945–2014: A Leader Who Broke Some Rules · We've Come a Long Way · Memories of the Hunt · News and Notes · Changes to NS/S Membership · Donate Goods and Services
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