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No. 22: Summer Solstice - Fall Equinox 1988

| Betsy Armstrong

Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert: A New Trail at the Desert Botanical Garden · Seed Savers in Their Own Right: Bob Sullivan and Judy Goettert · 1987-88 Annual Report · Environment and Edible Flora of the Cocopa · Second Annual Fiesta de los Chiles · Genetic Vulnerability, Genetic Erosion and How to Avoid Them · Research on Low-Input Desert Agriculture · Book Reviews · Fall-Winter Crops for Low Desert Areas · Collection Sites Map · Growout Farm Report · Germination Requirements for Wild Crop Relatives · The Importance of Wild Genetic Resources in Sunflower Breeding · Some Like 'Em Hot! · Biotechnology and Indigo Dye · Mexican Drought Update
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