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DiMeglio Arugula

  • GR018
  • Eruca sativa.  Grown in Tucson for 35+ years by an Italian family who brought the family seed with them to the US in the 1920's. A variable strain with both deeply lobed "salad" leaves and simpler "pizza-type" leaves. Bright, sharp arugula flavor.  Learn More about the history of DiMeglio Arugula in Tucson.  From our Seed-Bank Collection.

    • Both cold and heat tolerant; can be grown all year long in the low desert, though flavor is stronger in hot weather, milder in cool weather. 
    • Approx. .5g/250 seeds per packet
    • Please do not order more than 3 packets of any one variety, and no more than 40 packets total.
  • $3.95