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Ki:kam Hu:n

  • ZL152
  • Zea mays. Pima 60-Day. This traditional white corn from the Akimel O'odham community is grown by Ramona Farms, a Native American farming operation at Sacaton, AZ on the Gila River Reservation. This short stature, fast growing corn is 60 days (or less!) from planting to milk stage when planted at the summer monsoons in our region. When planted in spring it produces larger ears but takes longer.

    This corn has about 80% soft flour kernels and 20% hard flint kernels. This balance gives the corn the perfect texture for Ga'ivsa, the wonderfully tasty Pima corn dish. Fresh corn is roasted on the cob over mesquite coals, which gives it a wonderfully sweet flavor. It is then dried and stored on the cob. When cracked and cooked the texture is like a risotto with terrific corn flavor. 

    • Includes flour and flint type kernels
    • Origin: low desert
    • Packet size 10g/approx. 50 seeds
    • Seed Saver Size includes an insert on corn pollination and seed saving.
    • Limit 3 packets.
    • $3.95

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Luis Al Sanchez
    Enjoyed a show using the corn , looked dwlicious


    Matthew Casillas
    Matts Review

    Seems to be doing well. They have sprouted and are about 2 inches tall right now. I have high hopes for the Ki:kam hu:n.


    Planted this in an irrigated corn nursery in Western Oregon this year. Loves our warm, arid summers. Our warm season isn't long like the SW but this variety worked for us.

    Shortish skinny white ears, nice, very floury kernels... even the milk stage ones taste like flour. I can see it becoming a popular corn for flour corn growers in the pacific northwest.

    Wichita Falls, TX

    Planted in mid March and again every 2-weeks until May 10. 1 well-formed ear per 6ft stalk. Started picking in late June.
    Delicious roasted whole on grill when early and in milk stage. Is a little gummy when it goes long, still delicious. Gave supplemental water when Temps got above 115F. Pulled the remainder of the ears end of June. Will try another planting in August before the September rains to try a second fall crop.

    Lorin Parker
    Wow, fast and strong!

    I planted a row of Ki:kam Hu:n, during our first monsoon rains in SW New Mexico about 45 days ago. Most plants already have tassels and are thriving. A few of these were damaged by corn leaf aphids, but it didn't really slow them down much once the aphids and ants were washed off. What an impressive, unique heirloom!