• Spring Nurturing Mix for Desert Native Bees

Spring Nurturing Mix for Desert Native Bees


The rich flowering habitats needed by desert native bees have been eroding in size and quality, at the same time that we need the bees' pollination services more than ever.   Growing this mix of arid-adapted wildflowers will support these desert treasures and beautify your garden as well.  The 15 varieties included are chosen for early and continued flowering through spring, as well as varying heights and colors to attract and feed bees. 

This mix includes: Blue Cornflower, Common Sunflower, Cosmos bipinnata, California Buckwheat, Desert Bluebells, Desert Lupine, Desert Marigold, Golden Dyssodia, Goodings Verbena, Mexican Gold Poppy, Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, Sand Verbena, Yellow Mexican Hat, Yellow Bee Plant, and White Evening Primrose.

Packet size: 1.5 grams (covers up to 45 square feet)

Image credit: Terry Lucas via the Creative Commons.  Thank you!

  • $5.00