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"Kuwan'èwqatsi - Life of Happiness & Plenty" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa

  • "For the Hopi people creating a life of happiness and plenty in a desert environment can be symbolized by plants that the Hopi cultivated and gathered to create a culture that has endured for thousands of years. Plants are not only used to nourish the people but are integral to Hopi culture. Plant-life plays a part in ceremonies, traditions, and life-events. Every plant is celebrated and respected, For the Hopi, the blue corn ear is symbolically the first crop they grew in this world and it defines their culture and identity.”

    The Hopi (Hopituh Sinom), have lived in what is now northern Arizona for time immemorial. Twelve communities are situated across three mesas including the village of Orayvi considered the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States (from 1150 C.E.). An agricultural culture, the Hopi have developed unique crops that thrive in a desert. One crop, Corn plays a vital role in Hopi, not only as a food but also as a symbol of life itself. With its deep-rooted commitment to their traditions, ceremonies, and stewardship to the land, the Hopi continue to live as symbolized in the blue corn; a challenging but enduring life.

    • White matted print measures 11 x 14 inches
    • Image measures 9.5 x 7.5 inches
    • Information about the artist is included


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  • $30.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Elliott G
Beautiful print

I'm very happy with this piece of art - size, colors, composition - and currently waiting to pick it up from a frame shop.

beth porter

Absolutely gorgeous piece of art! The color and message was perfect for a wedding gift, along with a card from this wonderful artist! Thank you NSS for making these so easily available! Extraordinarily beautiful.