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Mesquite Honey - 2 sizes available

  • SHF500
  • This high quality local honey is utterly pure and naturally creamy. It is RAW, unheated, and unfiltered.

    Note: Mesquite honey has a very mild taste, not as strong as most other honeys, so it makes a wonderful sweetener for hot beverages, or when you are not looking for an overpowering honey flavor when baking.

    Both 3 lb. and 1.5 lb. sizes are in a glass jar.

  • $26.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Constance Brown
Buzzzz honey ever

This honey is the best! The wildflower and mesquite honeys are distinctively different and delicious.

Michele Rodgers Russo
Best honey

This was another find at the native seeds store. So many wonderful things and so happy that I can partake in them. Honey was mild not a real heavy flavor and I enjoy it with my saguaro tea, yum

Mesquite Honey

I have bought this honey for years and always thought it was the best honey ever. So I was so glad to see that it was available again. But this batch was completely different from the honey I’ve had in the past. Seemed much thinner and lighter colored, and had a much blander and almost unpleasant flavor. Maybe just a bad year…

Greg Sherman
Best Honey in the World by Far - the only honey I use for the last 15 years

There is no better honey and there can be no better honey [superior quality and flavor]. Raw honey gathered lovingly by bees in the desert from the mesquite cactus - far from any polluting sources, unfortunate soil contaminants or stresses to the surrounding environment. Supplied in a sturdy glass jar [not plastic].

John McLean
Take it from a beekeeper: this is GREAT honey

I've kept bees for nearly forty years in both Arizona and California, and none of the honey I've harvested from my own hives is a good as this honey. The texture, color and flavor are outstanding. I always keep a good stock on hand for my own use, and it has become a favorite (and much appreciated) gift to friends during the holidays. Try'll like it.