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Punta Banda

  • TM007
  • Solanum lycopersicum. Collected from the Punta Banda Peninsula in Baja California. Indeterminate plants produce hundreds of red meaty, thick skinned fruits despite heat, water stress and poor soil. Great paste tomato. Performed impressively in our 2012 trials in Tucson, producing throughout the summer despite full exposure and harsh conditions. It was also incredibly productive in 2018 at Mission Garden. Renowned for its early maturity. A staff favorite! From our seed bank collection.

    • Approx. 40 seeds (0.1 g).
    • Indeterminate.
    • A staff favorite! 
    • Limit 3 packets.
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Rosanne Loya
Punta Banda

This is a great and convenient way to get seeds and starters and very friendly staff.

Ken H
Good producer in So. San Joaquin Valley CA

Started the seeds indoor in February and grew them under lights until it the garden soil was warm enough to plant out. Once planted out they really took off and have grown to approximately 3 ft high. I have them densely planted in a raised bed and they look a bit wild but they are producing well in 100+ degree days. I am really happy with them and plan to plant again next year. Many varieties can’t take the heat here but Punta Banda is doing quite well. I

Lorene Despain
Hardy Plant

Excellent germination rate! We are currently coming off a nearly month long heat wave where the average temp has been 106 -111 here in the high desert of SOCAL. Despite that, I have 3 fairly healthy plants in lightly amended, half shaded raised bed. No tomatoes yet, but that is due to the heat, and probably a few soil issues. Next time I will plant a bit earlier than June, provide more shade(high elevation + intense sun have been bad for my crops), and I think these will be a winner for me! Highly recommend this variety for those of us with not so great soil and intense heat.

Will let you know next year this time.

I ordered too late for this year. Am saving to start early inside next year. Looking forward to growing it.

Jason Grace
Really drought tolerant

We have hot, dry summers here and Punta Banda tomatoes do quite well. Production slowed in the hottest part of summer, but the plants perked up and went crazy when the weather cooled off, and we got some heavy rain.