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Solanum lycopersicum. Collected from the Punta Banda Peninsula in Baja California. Indeterminate plants produce hundreds of red meaty, thick skinned fruits despite heat, water stress and poor soil. Great paste tomato. Performed impressively in our 2012 trials in Tucson, producing throughout the summer despite full exposure and harsh conditions. It was also incredibly productive in 2018 at Mission Garden. Renowned for its early maturity. A staff favorite! From our seed bank collection.

  • A staff favorite! 
  • Approx. 40 seeds (0.1 g).
  • Limit 3 packets.
  • No more than 30 packets total of any seeds 
  • $3.25

Customer Reviews

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Daris Padilla

Punta Banda

Early and healthy

First tomatoes of the year. June 23 and we harvested 12 tomatoes. Our tomato plants are planted close together in a raised bed with excellent soil, are partially covered by a 50/50 shade cloth, and drip irrigated 2x day. Very psyched to pick perfectly ripe, healthy tomatoes today. They are full-flavored and tart, and will go into a fresh tomato sauce. We've waited 3 years to grow our own tomatoes again, and we are thrilled. We bought them here at Seed Search.

Kara Adkins
Doesn't disappoint!

This is my second time growing this variety of tomato. I purchased these seeds in winter 2020. Last year we were in our old home and these plants produced pretty small tomatoes. Tried them again this year with fresh AZ Worm Farm compost mixed with vermiculite, and some coco coir, wow! It's June and I've picked 4lb of tomatoes! Sadly, the temps will be 117°+ several days in a row. We will wait and see if they make it thru the heat and begin reproducing in the "fall"!

Andy Barrera
An Interesting Tomato

This is my first year growing this variety, I have about six plants in my garden. It’s a very productive variety, each plant is loaded with fruit and making more flowers, it’s June and I started harvesting fruit in May. I haven’t seen how heat tolerant it is yet, but one thing I have noticed is this variety has an odd growth pattern. I normally grow tomatoes in a pruned single stem style, but with this variety some of my plants don’t have a central growing tip, after a certain height they stop growing. Instead I see that they start forming growing points on their branches that are just leaves, which I’ve never seen before. So after a while I just left them to grow however they want. Other than that I don’t have an issue with this variety and I will definitely grow it again next year.

Michael Cluff

I have been growing Punta Banda and saving its seeds for 5 years in Mesa, Arizona. It grows well in the heat and gives a prolific amount of tasty cherry size fruit. I usually get volunteers from these plants in early January, which do well if we don't have a freeze. These and Flamencos have been a staple in my garden.