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Summer Bloom - Arizona Wildflower Mix

  • NSC040
    • From the "Native Seed Company" a classic blend of summer blooming wildflowers. Performs best when planted between January and April.
    • Covers approximately 200 sq. feet. Contains 1 oz seed and 3 oz organic spreading agent.
    • Includes Firewheels  (Gaillardia pulchella) 50%; Plains Coreopsis (Co-reopsis tinctoria) 20%; Mexican Hat (Ratibida Columnaris) 10%; Sand Verbena (Abronia villosa) 10%; Prickly Poppy (Argemone platyceras) 10%.
  • $13.50

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
waiting for blooms

I planted the seeds but nothing has come up...still hoping for summer flowers!

Deborah Kotlarek
Looks promising....

I planted the "Summer Bloom" seeds on 21-JAN-2024. Two months later I can see lots of things sprouting, but nothing blooming yet. I'm hopeful that there will be lots of things flowering within the next month. (P.S. The "Desert Colors" packet of seeds is further along and I hope to see lots of desert bluebells blooming very soon.)

Kate W.
Looking forward to the blooms!

I’m a novice to middling gardener and I look forward to seeing the blooms from my efforts. Thank you for having this medley available for us all!

Melissa Hayden
So many flowers

Scattered seeds along my side yards and within a few weeks I had sprouts. Humming birds and butterflies found everything quickly. Love the diverse desert colors!

Miz Mo

The Summer Bloom-Arizona Wildflower Mix has been a real eye-opener! Due to delays in our planned yard redesign, I had limited open space to scatter seeds. I ended up planting in varietal containers with spectacular results, a truly beautiful mix of purples, oranges, yellows and blues in every shape imaginable. Definitely will get more seeds for next season’s new, improved yard!