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Education at Native Seeds/SEARCH

At Native Seeds/SEARCH, we believe that education is an important key to building individual and community capacity for seed and food security. Our education offerings are intended to provide skills and knowledge around seed saving, aridlands agriculture, and related topics.

  • Courses and Workshops: Our instructional programming trains individuals and organizations in the Southwest to save, share, and produce their own seeds. We offer focused courses for students at different learning levels and seed saving goals.
  • Native Seeds/SEARCH Blog: Our blog is frequently updated with stories and practical advice related to the work that we do and the issues that we care about.
  • The Seedhead News: Our tri-annual newsletter also contains a wealth of useful information to help you get the most out of your seeds and to understand their cultural and historical contexts.
  • Our website also contains pages about Gardening in the Desert and Seed Saving.

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