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I'itoi Sivol

  • B001
  • Allium sp. Tohono O'odham onion. These wildly popular and prolific multiplier onions resemble the wild onions harvested on I’itoi Mountain, also known as Baboquivari Mountain, by Tohono O'odham people. Botanical studies place the I’itoi onion among a very old line of clumping onions brought to the indigenous lands of the desert southwest by Jesuit missionaries in the late 17th century, concluding that the onion is not necessarily native to this area.

    Today they are eagerly sought out by chefs for their mild shallot-like bulbs and slightly spicy greens. The peppery flavor pairs well with Southwestern cuisine. They are very easy to cultivate and in the low-desert will grow in response to both winter and summer rains.

    In cooler regions their growth is in the summer. Rarely flowers and set seeds; propagate by division of the bulbs. When the greens dry down dig up the bulbs and divide. Enjoy some but be sure to save a few for your next planting. The name I'itoi signifies the Elder Brother, who is the creator deity in Tohono O'odham legends. From our Seed-Bank Collection.

    • Origin: high desert, 1968' elevation
    • Performs well in low desert
    • Packet size is approximately 10 bulbs.
    • Limit 3 packets.
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Grows All Year

They'll grow all year if you let them and they are prolific multipliers. Started with just a couple one year and harvested hundreds by year two. They'll grow all year if you let them and keep them watered. I grow in Phoenix and they're great to grow. I keep in ground till ready to use. Similar to shallots.

Jacob Robbins
did not

did not grow in Albuquerque, from tubers planted per instructions and watered generously by monsoon.

I'itoi Growing Fast

The bulbs arrived very quickly. Don't be put off by how dead the bulbs look, just plant them. I planted mid-July. At first, all I saw were little withered stalks above the ground, and they didn't appear to be doing anything for a couple of weeks. Still, I lightly misted them with water every couple of days. That's easy maintenance in over 100% weather. Now Aug 7th, and the three that I planted have several green stalks, which are about 2" high. I'm so excited! It's difficult to grow a garden in the Sonoran Desert of AZ, but at least I'm going to have onions.

I‘you onions

My order arrived quickly and in good shape. I’ll put them in the dark as soon as I got them. Time will tail but I bet they do great.