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Basket Necklace - Tohono O'odham

  • CRUZ007
  • Original Design - Handwoven Basket Necklace by Tohono O'odham artist Della Cruz from Sells, Arizona.

    • This small basket is lidded with 2 sea shell dangles at the bottom, strung on a 28" leather cord. It measures approximately 2" high and 2.5" in diameter and will hold a small object or special treasure.
    • Plant materials are hand gathered from the Sonoran Desert.
    • Coils are native Beargrass and the split stitches are of sun bleached and some have unbleached yucca. Keep away from sunlight to maintain color variations.

    Measurements are approximate, and details, such as leather cord color, may vary.

  • $36.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christina Downs
Excellent Quality and Beautiful Piece

The weave is tight, the lid "locks" in place due to the design, the shells are a wonderful addition. I love this piece of art and recommend it for anyone with a love of handcrafted baskets or unique holders of things.

Basket Necklace

Your basket necklace is beautiful. I don't wear necklaces. But I love baskets and this one is beautiful.

Teresa Hart
Simply Adorable

I put my silver butterfly wings earrings also purchased from your site, pin cushioned into the lid. I plan to adorn it with additional earrings. I love my little treasure basket. A bit larger then I expected, artfully hanging in front of my bathroom mirror so I can enjoy it everyday. Thanks for making some more affordable pieces for us retirees.

Carla Kirchner

It was well made with a tight fitting lid. It looks beautiful with the attached shell. It is too large for me to wear as a necklace but is lovely as a decoration.

my favorite thing I own!

A tiny treasure & smells like home. Arrived safely packed and timely. Very very happy with my tiny basket!