Hopi Red Dye "Komo"


Amaranthus cruentus. This beautiful plant can grow 6 ft. tall with long, dark reddish green leaves. Young tender leaves are excellent in salads and add a bright pinkish red accent.  Originally collected in Lower Moenkopi. A top seller!  From our Seed Bank Collection.

  • Origin: High desert but can perform well in low desert also
  • Black seeds
  • Approx. 0.3g/300 seeds per packet.

Note: The Hopi make a scarlet natural food dye to color piki bread. To use Hopi Red Dye for piki or tortillas, soak a large handful of flowers, leaves, and stems in water overnight in water. Mix the water with finely ground cornmeal to the desired consistency. It will result in a pink or fuchsia colored batter. Alternatively grind the flour bracts on a metate and add to cornmeal.

  • $3.25