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Desert Chia

  • HB002
  • Salvia columbariae

    This lovely desert wildflower is most often found in sandy washes below 3500' elevation in Arizona, California, and southern Nevada.  The purple flower produce seeds that have high protein and oil content, and make a high fiber mucilage. Used in a refreshing drink by the Tohono O'odham. Can be used as a thickening agent.   

    Plant in fall to very early spring in the low desert, or early spring at higher elevations. Likes sandy and gravelly soil best.  Rake planting area to loosen soil, scatter seed and cover lightly with soil.  For best germination, plant when night-time temperatures are below 50 degrees F, and keep ground moist for a week.  Protect young plants from hard frost.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Approximately 0.2g/ 100 seeds per packet
    • Limit 3 packets
  • $3.95