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Chipotle Meco Whole Chiles

  • FD066
    • Dried smoked jalapeno chiles.
    • Soak and blend for delicious salsa.
    • Add to beans for vegetarian barbecue flavor.
    • 1.5oz package 
  • $4.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Diana Alrich
meco and morita chiles.

Meca and Morita chiles are hard to find. Really nice folks, friendly service, and fast delivery
This is a great website!

Mike S.
So great in the slow cooker!

Put one or two of these in the slow cooker with beef or chicken, greens, some beans or potatoes, carrots, smells so good and tastes so great!!

tom taylor
the "go to" chile for a blender salsa

i keep a blender liquid salsa on hand, around the clock. i fill the blended salsa into recycled plastic squeeze bottles for easy use on food. i use ingredients such as oregano, can of tomato sauce, salt, garlic cloves, onion and of course these chipotle chiles. you can vary your own ingredients and you can xperiment with the amount of each ingredient. but these chiles add a little "flame" to your food and a robust flavor. keep the salsa refrigerated and a shelf life of 3+ weeks is possible.