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  • FV004
    • Vicia faba.  Raised in southern Colorado by a market farmer, the seeds are green, brown, and reddish in color and can be up to 1" long and 3/4" wide. Very productive in our Tucson winter growout.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

      • Origin: High desert, but performs well in low desert winters
      • Light green seeds borne on 1.5 to 2.5 foot plants.
      • Can tolerate brief frosts down to 20° F. 
      • Approx. 22g/15 seeds per packet.
      • Limit 3 packets
    • $5.95

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Bret Melton
    Fava Colorado

    We got these seeds in late February/early March and started them indoors due to very cold temperatures in the Denver area. They sprouted quickly and were transplanted outside in mid/late March. Our crazy temperature swings are testing them, but so far they have survived low temperatures of 12F!!! I don’t know about production yet, but they are very hardy so far.

    Robyn Glessner
    Colorado Fava Beans at Iskashitaa Gardens

    I have really experienced the plant yet in its entirety, I have had them in our new garden on a light watering schedule and the plants are about 4 inches tall right now. They survived some frost damage from when they were smaller. I started them indoors under grow light in a tray of soil and sprouted them before I transplanted them. They look to be resilient an I look forward to the harvest but I would be able to provide a better revue after we've been able to harvest.

    Susie Adams
    Helpful donation

    The donation of seeds for the Juvenile Detention Garden makes a difference in our programming and the lives of the youth!