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Atlixco Quelite

  • GR009
  • Chenopodium berlandieri. This is a cultivated race of a popular and nutritious wild green and has exceptionally good rich flavor. This is a "weed" that you WANT in your garden! The donor who sent us the seeds in 1992 said "The tender stems and leaves are prepared much as spinach would be, but it greatly surpasses spinach in flavor which is truly excellent".  Our staff agrees - even the raw leaves are yummy!

    Also known as huazontle, pitseed goosefoot, or lambs' quarters. Originally from Atlixco, Mexico, southeast of Mexico City.  Can grow to 6' or more if allowed to bolt and set seed.

    • Origin: high desert, about 6500', but produced well in our Tucson growout.
    • Plant in spring when the soil warms or at the monsoon rains.
    • Approx. 0.5g/100 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 Packets
  • $3.95