• Corn Maiden

Corn Maiden


Corn Maiden

Corn Maiden stands next to two plants offering prayers to the gathering rain clouds on the horizon. She symbolizes the blue corn.
Squash, Maize and Bean are known as the Three Sisters. Planted together, they support and benefit from each other. Maize gives Bean a place to climb upward and bean gives nutrients to the soil. Squash covers the ground around them, protecting and preventing insects with prickly hair covered vines.

6" square. Wrapped Canvas.

Gerald Dawavendewa is a member of the Hopi tribe. He grew up in the village of Munqapi, located in northern Arizona. In 1994, Gerald sent an artwork depicting the Hopi cosmos aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. He is also Author and Illustrator of the children's book "The butterfly dance". Gerald's work reflects the rich traditions of his Hopi & Cherokee culture.

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