• Saving Seeds in the Southwest

Saving Seeds in the Southwest


Whether you are a grower serious about increasing seed production on your farm, or a backyard gardener wanting to save seed on occasion, Saving Seeds in the Southwest will give you the information you need to be a productive seed saver.

Newly updated! Now includes more general information and crop-specific information on 3 additional crops: wheat, tobacco, and devil’s claw. Spiral bound, easy to use.

Topics include:

  •  Understanding trait inheritance and plant life cycles
  •  Planning a garden with seedsaving in mind
  •  Recommended varieties for Southwestern conditions
  •  How to prevent unwanted cross-pollination
  •  Seedsaving techniques for dry- and wet-seeded crops
  •  Safe seed storage, and more.

This little book includes detailed information for 32 popular crops that grow well in Southwestern gardens, plus a quick reference guide on isolation distances and seed saving techniques.

Native Seeds SEARCH staff members Joy Hought and Melissa Kruse-Peeples have produced this great resource with our region in mind, but it would be useful for gardeners in most any climate. The 96-page guide is affordably priced and is part of NS/S’s effort to spread seed-saving knowledge far and wide.

  • $14.95