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Blue Speckled


Phaseolus acutifolius.  Unique and beautiful tan beans with navy blue speckles. From highland areas of southern Mexico, this variety is a Mayan folkrace. These beans do not tolerate low-desert heat as O'odham varieties do, but are otherwise very prolific.  From our Seed-Bank Collection.

  • Origin: High Desert
  • Habit: some twining but not a vigorous climber
  • 1 Packet has approx 50
  • Please do not order more than 3 packets of any one variety, and no more than 30 packets total.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Not Suited for Some Environments

    Silicon Valley, CA: I planted black, white, and blue speckled tepary beans in front of a large south-facing, full-sun, trellised wall on the edge of a bed getting minimal once a week drip irrigation. There is no rain in the San Francisco Bay Area typically between May and October so the beans were entirely dependent on provided water. 2020 was an extra-hot-for-us summer too. The beans struggled at first with just the drip, but when I started hand-watering once every 10-14 days during July-August, they responded. I got an impressive harvest from the black and white bean plants but the blue speckled beans struggled in this environment.

    Excellent Beans

    These beans did very well on the high Texas plains (4600 ft), in hot, dry condition. The cook well, with a balanced, deep flavor that was well received. Highly Recommended.

    Best tasting, most versatile tepary

    We used to buy pounds of these from Native Seeds to eat. They haven't been available that way anywhere for years now. We miss them. We tried a few years to grow them but they do not do well in the humid East Coast.