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Beit Alpha Cucumber

  • TS319
  • Cucumis sativus.  A crisp, delicious thin-skinned cucumber, good for both salads and for pickling. Its middle eastern heritage makes this a heat tolerant plant. Beit Alpha is generally gynoecious (producing mostly female flowers) which means it starts fruiting earlier and is very productive. Not from our seed bank collection, but your purchase supports our conservation mission.

    • Pick fruit when small, 6-8". 
    • CMV Resistant 
    • Approx. 1g/40 seeds per packet.
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ellen Schmidt
Geit Alpha Cucumber

So far so good. Planted seedlings indoors on Valentine's Day. Have very nice vigorous plants now. I'll have to wait and see on how well they produce.

Annie Murchy
prolific producer

High germination rate and prolific producer. Had many days back to back in the 100's this summer and they just kept fruiting. Great flavor and texture.

Mary Flores
I love these Cucumbers!

I thought this was such a little guy when I brought it home. I planted it next to a Burpee variety. That plant has since gotten chewed up by grasshoppers, but the Beit Alpha Cucumber plant looks amazing! I can't wait for it to produce!

Patricia Romero
Garden 2023

I intend to plant in Spring 2023 so I can let you know next summer how it went.

Laurie A Smith
A lifesaver since our pollinators have declined

Beit Alpha is the only way I can reliably get cucumbers here in Las Cruces now, we hav had a mass disappearance of pollinators. Sweet, never bitter, and good germination.