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Arroyo Lupine

  • WF017A
  • Lupinus succulentus

    An annual wildflower with blooms ranging from blue to purple in the spring. It is the largest of the annual lupines, 1-2 ft tall increasing with good moisture and fertility. A native to western California, Arizona and Baja California in areas below 2000 ft in elevation. Prefers moist clay or heavy soils in full sun.

    • Elevation 0 - 4500ft
  • $3.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dennis and Linda Smith

I enjoyed the Arroyo Lupine in my garden this spring. I will save the seed and plant them next year as well.

Carrie Nimmer
Don't Rate Wildflower Seeds, etc!

The seed is small, hard, and was sown with the recent Monsoon rain in Phoenix. It may or may not germinate this year. Just as it should be. Keep wildflowers and your seed products out of this ridiculous rating system. It demeans everything. They are glorious time capsules of life. You must wait 5 months to see if they bloom. If you need to *rate* them, do it after they bloom. It takes a few years of sowing to build up a seed bank in the soil if you want them to weather & germinate without supplemental water. Pray or do a dance for timely rains. Ratings are for vacuum cleaners.

Lynette Maya

Love the variety of seed offered. Service was fast. Thank you for creating a valuable seed bank and service.

Patricia Muller

Arroyo Lupine