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Collaboration with Seedbroadcast

Collaboration with Seedbroadcast

| Betsy Armstrong

Article published April 12, 2016.

Native Seeds/SEARCH is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with SeedBroadcast based in New Mexico. SeedBroadcast is a collaborative project exploring bioregional agri-Culture and seed action. Together, we will embark on a creative project to share the stories of farmers affected by climate change through multimedia documentation.

Over the past thirty years, Native Seeds/SEARCH has worked to collect and conserve the Southwest’s unique crop diversity; to document and research its properties; and to make this diversity and information accessible to farmers and gardeners. We promote the continued contribution of crop diversity to the region’s food systems and to the health and nutrition of the region’s residents. We believe it is important to educate individuals on the importance and practice of preserving and using agricultural diversity. Though regionally focused, we aim to have a global impact by serving as a model for climate-appropriate agriculture based on local seed and food production that can inform efforts elsewhere.

Through support from the Robert Rauschenburg Climate Change Solutions Fund, Native Seeds/SEARCH will work to increase access to seeds through our Community Seed Grant, Native American Seed Request, and retail seed access programs; support seed recipients through expanded educational efforts; and closely work with SeedBroadcast to amplify the impact of this work through art and storytelling. The overall goal is to empower individuals and communities as active agents to counter the effects of climate change.

seed broadcast

SeedBroadcast is a collaborative project exploring bioregional agri-Culture and seed action through collective inquiries and hands-on creative practices. SeedBroadcast holds the belief that it is a human right to save seeds and share their gifts, to grow food and share its abundance, and to cultivate grassroots wisdom and share its creativity. These are the roots of agri-Culture to be broadcast.

SeedBroadcast encourages communities to keep local agri-Culture alive and vibrant through working together in creative and inspiring ways. Spending time with people on their farms, in their gardens, at seed exchanges and at community gatherings, SeedBroadcast digs deep into the oft-unheard stories of local agri-Culture. Their work includes community based projects, art installations, dialogues, creative actions, and cross country tours with the Mobile Seed Story Broadcasting Station. The agri-Culture Journal is a bi-annual collection of poetry, inspired thoughts, essays, photographs, drawings, recipes, How-to’s and wisdom gathered together from a national call out to lovers of local food and seeds. Interdisciplinary collaboration is a founding principal of SeedBroadcast activities where cohorts from diverse backgrounds work together as critical partners of inquiry and creative production.

During 2016 and 2017, SeedBroadcast will be partnering with Native Seed/SEARCH and farmers across New Mexico to creatively document bioregional seeds and climate appropriate agri-Culture. Through seasonal photo essays and interviews, SeedBroadcast will work with farmers to share their stories about growing food in a changing climate while cultivating eco-resiliency. These will be published in the SeedBroadcast Blog and in the SeedBroadcast agri-Culture Journal.

Stayed tuned with Native Seeds/SEARCH and SeedBroadcast to learn more as the project develops.