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NS/S provides only open-pollinated (OP) seed varieties. OP varieties will breed true from seeds, meaning the seed saved from the parent plant will grow with the same characteristics. Seeds from the NS/S Seed Bank (tagged on each page as "NS/S Collection") are landrace or heirloom varieties with a long historical connection to the Greater Southwest. Limit 10 packets of any one seed variety;  some varieties in low supply may have a lower limit.

We also carry OP species and varieties from outside our collection to offer a greater selection. These heirloom varieties (tagged as "Non-Collection") can perform well in the Greater Southwest even though they do not have a deep historical connection to the region. Their distribution directly contributes to the conservation of seeds represented in the NS/S Seed Bank collection.

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  1. black tepary bean
  2. Abiquiu
  3. Acoma Light
  4. Acoma Pumpkin
  5. Alvaaka - Yaqui Basil
  6. alverjon temporal peas (seeds)
  7. apache dipper gourds long handles
  8. Apache Giant
  9. Apache Red "Sugarcane"
  10. Arizona High Country Native Grass Mix
  11. Arizona Summer Poppy-Caltrops
  12. Armenian Yard Long
  13. Arroyo Lupine
  14. Arugula
  15. Atlixco Quelite
  16. Baart Wheat
  17. Bachiachi
  18. Backyard Full of Butterflies
  19. light brown tepary bean
  20. beck's gardenville okra seeds
  21. Beit Alpha Cucumber
  22. sesame seeds for planting
  23. Big Max Pumpkin
  24. wildflower seeds for birds and butterflies