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All purchases support conservation of heirloom seeds of the Southwest. Thank you!

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  1. Turtle - Canvas Print
  2. Wil Taylor: "Wolfberry" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  3. Wil Taylor: "Magic Dragon"  Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  4. Wil Taylor: "Hummer Heaven" Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  5. By Tucson artist and naturalist Wil Taylor, full color print, biography included. Image measures 7.5" x 7.5" plus a 2.25" white border. Black frame with glass, measures 12" x 12". Item packed and shipped separately if needed, additional charge may apply if part of a larger order.
  6. Zuni Turquoise Petit Point Dangle Earrings
  7. Zuni Sun Face Mini Stud Earring
  8. Zuni Petit Point Flower Earrings
  9. Anasazi Bean Soup Mix
  10. Green Chile Posole Soup Mix
  11. Smokey Red Posole Soup Mix
  12. Herbal Soup Blend
  13. Cheri's Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly
  14. Organic Raspberry Red Chile Jam - Outstanding Flavor!
  15. Rancho gordo heirloom beans, black caviar lentils. Hearty, small ebony lentils that resemble caviar but have a unique lentil taste and texture. The skins almost melt away.
  16. Rancho gordo midnight black beans. Perfect for all bean recipes or to enjoy on their own. heirloom beans.