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All purchases support conservation of heirloom seeds of the Southwest. Thank you!

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  1. Sterling silver and turquoise ladybug dangle earrings Handcrafted by Lena Platero, Diné jeweler Lightweight, comfortable earring with sterling wires Measures approximately .75 inches long by .25 inches wide, dangles from earlobe 1.25 inches
  2. Sterling silver dangling concho blossom earrings by Diné silversmith Raymond Coriz Hand stamped with repousse work and sterling silver wires Measures .50 inches in diameter,  Dangles form ear lobe approx. 1 inch
  3. tohono o'odham woven basket necklace
  4. Wil Taylor Ceramic Tile - Creosote Blossom
  5. Exclusive collection of beautiful hand-glazed, hand-fired ceramic tiles from Tucson artist Wil Taylor's original Desert Blossom Series, with tile work done by local company - Carly Quinn Designs.  Each tile measures 6 x 6 inches and has cork backing. They can be enjoyed as a wall hanging, trivet, or decorative installation. Fabulous gift item!
  6. 6 inch ceramic tile featuring an agave blossom.
  7. Naturally sweet cookie mix Used for centuries as a staple food for many desert peoples, we are once again discovering the delicious and nutritious nature of the mesquite. Ingredients: Organic white and whole wheat flours, mesquite meal, organic evaporated cane juice, sugar, and baking soda. 10 ounces
  8. native seeds search golden mesquite pancake mix
  9. Mesquite Poppy Seed Scone Mix
  10. The Rancho Gordo Vegetarian Kitchen
  11. his vegetarian cookbook features over 100 colorful, recipes based on Mesoamerican cuisine and also includes contributions from indigenous cultures throughout the Americas, such as Kabocha Squash in Green Pipian, Aguachile de Quinoa, Mesquite Corn Tortillas, Tepary Bean Salad, and Amaranth Chocolate Cake. Steeped in history but very much rooted in the contemporary world, Decolonize Your Diet will introduce readers to the the energizing, healing properties of a plant-based Mexican American diet.
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  12. Silver and Turquoise Dragonfly Earrings
  13. Tiny Heart Dangle Earrings
  14. Sterling silver small dragonfly earrings with sterling silver ear wires These delicate earrings are hand stamped and measure approx. 1 inch long, they dangle approx. 1.50 inches from earlobe By Diné silversmith Lucille Platero
  15. Elderberry Cocoa
  16. Sonoran Cocoa with Mesquite and Chiles
  17. Pecan Bread Mix
  18. cheris apple mesquite muffin mix
  19. cheris jalapeno cornbread mix
  20. Traditional Navajo Frybread Mix