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Medicine Of The People

"With the sunrise, we the sunrise people, the Nohokaa Diné...this is where our beginning talks about us, to us. It was said that the early morning light resembles an eagle feather, that a corn pollen offering was like an eagle feather given to a plant and into the earth. One side of this was something they could see with...on the other side was something made up of the spirit. The medicine and the people are the same thing."

- From Medicine Of The People, Inspired by the Lifeway Medicine Story

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  1. Insect Bite Salve .75 oz
  2. NEW! Sore Joint Rub 3 oz.  LARGE SIZE TIN
  3. Greasewood Ointment Tin .75 oz
  4. Sore Joint Massage Oil. Healing blend of traditional Navajo herbs. Made in Tucson, AZ.
  5. Sore Joint Rub Tin .75 oz
  6. White Sage Balm Tin .75 oz
  7. Piñon Sap Salve Tin .75 oz
  8. Sage, Lavender & Orange Balm Tin .75 oz
  9. Lip Balm Tin - Sweet Orange .75 oz. BACK IN STOCK!
  10. Lip Balm Tin - Cherry
  11. Lip Balm Tin - Peppermint .75 oz