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de Milpa

  • TS351
  • Physalis philadelphica. From a strain that grows wild in Mexican farm fields on big sprawling plants. The 3/4" husked fruits blush purple near or after harvestime. Smaller but stronger in flavor that store-bought tomatillos, the fruit stores well and is great for salsa. Organically grown. 

    • Approx. 0.1g/25 seeds per packet.
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Healthy, Productive, and Tasty

This tomatillo is delicious!
I bought this packet a couple years ago for my garden and it grew wild, all over. A very productive plant that have provided me with so much salsa, I had the best chilaquiles all year. The fruits are mostly green with only a bit of purple but the flavor is more intense and deeper than the Toma Verde or other more domesticated green varieties. I have not compared a purple domestic to this variety yet. This plant readily seeds itself into the garden so you easily find small baby tomatillos each year.

My mom from Mexico City recognized the plant from her childhood home so that was nice.

Couldn't be happier

We ordered 7 different seeds from Native Seeds SEARCH for tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers. We planted about a dozen of each for two different outside gardens. We had almost 100% germination! We are in North Texas. We planted indoors in early March. Transplanted outside after up-potting and hardening at the end of April. Not even 4 weeks later, my De Milpa tomatillos are almost 4 feet high with hundreds of flowers and dozens of fruit already growing. We are so excited for harvest.

Jessica Prieto
Seeds for our school garden

De Milpa is a wonderful company! I was referred to them by Green our Planet because I was looking for seeds for our school garden and hydroponics program. Not only did they have a great selection of Native Seeds, but my grant was fulfilled and arrived within days of placing. Thank you so much!

Walter Peters
So far so good.

I had about 75 percent germination and will be transplanting to garden soon. I'll let you know how they turn out in this climate.

Thanks for all you do.


Elizabeth Hodges
All up!

I started the seeds indoors and under lights and 7 days later - all were up. I am excited about these purplish tomatillos as I usually make salsa verde with green tomatillos and want to see the difference. Besides having recently relocated to New Mexico, I wanted to have plants used to this location.