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Non-Collection Seeds

Many vegetables like lettuce, carrots, and broccoli don't have botanical origins or cultural roots in the Great Southwest, and thus are not a part of our seed-bank collection.  To accommodate interest in growing them, NS/S offers selected heirloom seed varieties from outside of our region.  We have chosen varieties that are relatively heat and drought tolerant, or that have a shorter growing season, so they are more adaptable to growing in the Southwest.  As much as possible, we purchase from sources that produce seed organically and/or using sustainable agricultural practices.  Organically grown seeds are tagged as such on their pages.  When you purchase any seed or product from Native Seeds/SEARCH you financially support our work of conserving the NS/S treasure of regional heirloom seeds.

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  1. Arugula
  2. Beit Alpha Cucumber
  3. Big Max Pumpkin
  4. Black-Seeded Simpson Looseleaf
  5. bloomsdale spinach good southwest winter crops
  6. Broccoli Raab
  7. Champion
  8. Italian heirloom beet seeds. The beets have beautiful red and white concentric circles when slice open. Good for roasting or pickling.
  9. Chives
  10. de Milpa
  11. detroit red heirloom beets
  12. dragon purple carrots
  13. early wonder beet organic
  14. Easter Egg
  15. Emmer