People and Seeds

by Melissa Barrow, NS/S Retail Associate.

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference."
~ Kathy Calvin, CEO and President of the United Nations Foundation

Seeds have always been with us. They appeared on the planet some 354 million years before humans. There has never been a time when humans and seeds did not interplay. They have helped us, taught us, fed us, sheltered us. Seeds have changed us; we have changed seeds.

Seeds are our elders.

Our relationship is beyond symbiotic: it's interdependent. Seeds are the sine qua non - the necessity without which life would not be possible.

Seeds ARE life!

There has never been a more crucial time to protect that life. Both climate change and likely policy changes are heating things up. These threaten the ability of people and seeds to grow and thrive. We now protect over 1900 accessions of arid-adapted seeds which are one part of the solution to these changing conditions.

For 34 years, YOU, our supporters have helped ensure the survival of these seeds that were the family treasures of peoples all over the Southwest. We are eternally grateful to all of you: from the original seed savers, to you who give of your earnings and time. We are humbled by your profound act of trust.

 Now is the time to ensure the survival of this precious seed collection which we are honored to safeguard, by renewing your support today! Native Seeds/SEARCH has always valued educating and empowering people to save and share seeds. To do so is to tap into the most ancient tradition of life, repeated and continued for thousands of years by people of all ages, stages, and races. When you hold a seed, you hold the combined efforts of people and plants throughout history.

YOU hold the key to the future of all life.

Native Seeds/SEARCH works to keep this vital cycle alive, and we could not do that without our many supporters. We are all in this together. YOU are the sine qua non - the essential element - of our future!