• Epazote



A commonly used herb in southern Mexico. Aromatic foliage has a distinct and delicious flavor used to season beans, soups, shellfish, and other dishes. It reduces the flatulence caused by beans. Use only the long, lanced leaves. Avoid the flowers and seeds in cooking. Use the leaves fresh or dry and store for later use. Because it has a strong order and flavor only a small amount is needed. Younger leaves are the most mild.

Epazote can grow up to 2-4 feet tall. The strong odor of epazote can mask the sent of nearby plants and prevent some insect predation. Scattering dried leaves throughout your garden may temporarily repel insects. Readily reseeds. To minimize it taking over your garden, bag the flowers to collect the seeds or snip flowers.

A staff favorite! Plant with the summer rains about 1/4 inch deep or less. Annual. Approx. 0.1g/200 seeds per packet.

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