• Basket Maiden

Basket Maiden


Basket Maiden

A Hopi maiden stands beside corn plants as dragonflies gather above rain clouds. She holds a basket called a yungyapu which has lighting and rain cloud designs upon it. The yungyapu is used in many ways in Hopi culture. The basket has utilitarian use but also is a part of many ceremonies. For the young women who receive these baskets, they are a form of payment used to thank people for various gestures of support and gratitude.

6" square. Wrapped Canvas.

Gerald Dawavendewa is a member of the Hopi tribe. He grew up in the village of Munqapi, located in northern Arizona. In 1994, Gerald sent an artwork depicting the Hopi cosmos aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. He is also Author and Illustrator of the children's book "The butterfly dance". Gerald's work reflects the rich traditions of his Hopi & Cherokee culture.

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