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Assorted Hopi Arts & Crafts 

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  1. "Codex Taawa" is an artwork series celebrating a long history of the Hopi as sky watchers and early astronomers. Living in a desert where life is a delicate balance, understanding and interpreting the earth and cosmos helps in living in a challenging environment. Taawa is the Hopi word for the Sun, this name refers to many of the Codex images which depict celestial events."
  2. The Butterfly Dance
  3. "Qatsi'nangwa - Life of Good Will" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa
  4. "Codex Taawa: Passage From The Fifth and Fourth World" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa
  5. "Kuwan'èwqatsi - Life of Happiness & Plenty" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa
  6. "Three Sisters" Matted Print by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa
  7. Bean Maiden - Canvas Print
  8. Gerald Dawavendewa canvas print of original artwork - Corn Maidens
  9. Squash Maiden - Canvas Print
  10. Roadrunner - Canvas Print
  11. Snake Dreams of Clouds - Canvas Print
  12. Turtle - Canvas Print
  13. Earth Bundle - Canvas Print
  14. Catching Moisture - Canvas Print
  15. Bighorn Sings to the Moon - Canvas Print
  16. Mini canvas print by Hopi artist Gerald Dawavendewa.