Native American Seed Request

Native American Seed Request

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Native Seeds/SEARCH is a non-profit organization focused on conserving and promoting the use of arid-adapted crops in the southwestern US and northwestern Mexico. One way we are doing this is through the Native American Seed Request, which makes these traditional arid-adapted crop seeds more widely available to Native Americans to plant and share. As seed security is at the heart of food security, we encourage recipients to save seeds from the plants they grow. Doing so ultimately increases the resilience of our food system, and sharing them with others ensures that these culturally relevant arid-adapted seeds will be accessible to future generations.

Native Seeds/SEARCH offers memberships and limited quantities of seeds to Native Americans living in the Greater Southwest region at no charge. The Greater Southwest region roughly spans the distance from Durango Colorado in the north to Durango Mexico in the south, from Las Vegas Nevada in the west to Las Vegas New Mexico in the east. Native Americans belonging to tribes outside of this region are eligible to receive discounted seeds and memberships.

How to Order Seeds

There are several ways to place your order. Please, only one order form per household. Shipping charges are $3.95 per request.

Given that the goal of this program is to promote and conserve traditional arid-adapted crop seeds of the Greater Southwest, only seeds from the NS/S Seed Bank collection may be requested. Visit our website to help with your selections. All seeds in the NS/S Seed Bank Collection can be found here.

American heirloom vegetable seeds (TS catalog numbers), wildflower seeds (WF catalog numbers), Seed Buckets and Special Collections are not included in this program.

For Native Americans living in the Greater Southwest region or belonging to tribes within the Southwest Region

You may request up to 10 free seed packets, no more than 3 packets per any one seed variety, in a calendar year (January through December). Up to 20 additional seed packets can be purchased at half price. Group exceptions may be considered so please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs. Importantly, we encourage all recipients to save and share seeds.

For Native Americans living outside of the Greater Southwest region

You may request 10 seed packets at half-price, no more than 3 packets per any one seed variety, per in a calendar year (January through December). Additional packets may be purchased at regular price.

Native American identity for this program is self reported and no tribal identification card is required. This is part of an effort to be inclusive to the indigenous nations not federally recognized by the US government, as well as those residing in northwestern Mexico.

Additional Ways of Obtaining Seed

Community Seed Grant Program

Native American communities or organizations may also request seed donations through our Community Seed Grant program. This program is intended for larger, community garden projects. Please visit our webpage or email for more information.

Native American Bulk Seed Exchange Program

Native American individuals who have larger farms and have the ability to save seeds can obtain larger quantities of seeds through the Bulk Seed Exchange Program. Visit our webpage or email


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