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Davis Green Cotton

  • H005
  • Gossypium hirsutum x G. barbadense.  An intentional cross between Pima cotton and a Louisiana green cotton, selected by Phreadde Davis in Albuquerque to create a richer color and longer fiber. The lint color is variable, sometimes pale green, olive, blue-green, or brown. It is said to produce a longer fiber than most green cottons. Warmer weather and more mature plants produce a darker green fiber. (Our growout in Tucson produced more green color than our crop from Patagonia.)  Boil the fibers (usually after weaving) to bring out the color … additional washings will deepen the color further.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • A warm season crop that requires hot weather.
    • Approx. 2g/20 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 packets


  • $5.95