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  • LC008

    A commonly used herb in southern Mexico. Aromatic foliage has a distinct and delicious flavor used to season beans, soups, with shellfish, and other dishes. It reduces the flatulence caused by beans. Because it has a strong aroma and flavor, only a small amount is needed. 

    .5 oz. package of dried herb for use in cooking

  • $5.00

Customer Reviews

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tom taylor
how about some dynamite?

my hispanic father in law, born in clifton, arizona in 1904 always had a "dry" salsa in the center of the kitchen table. he invented it back in his early days as a sheep herder in southwestern new mexico. lack of refrigeration spurred him to a dry salsa to spice the culinary efforts. included in this salsa was epazote, which does lend a unique southwestern flavor to his concoction. also his dinamita, his name for his concoction included ground chiltepin, salt, dry garlic. simple but powerful. you can also include oregano or other "typical mexican" herbs. take it camping, have it in the center of your kitchen table, it has quite a long "shelf life"!..........

Robert Biddle
Missing ingredient

This is the spice/ flavor I've been missing.

Lisa Hartman
Love Epazote

It’s so hard to find epazote in my part of the world, southern Utah, and I love to add it to my south of the border recipes. I also buy it for my friends who like to be creative in the kitchen.