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Customer Reviews

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Sara Hunsaker

Verified? Title? I ordered a few packets of wonderful seeds and since I hadn’t been to where you are now I put off picking up my orde and left town. . You were very accommodating and said you could hold the order for me until my return. Thank you. Not a Review but a report. And sort of feedback. I used to enjoy coming into the shop and shopping. What you offer in terms of Good Goids is not as available and try -as you do— can not be as intimate. I miss you.

Jack Crouse

Memberships & Renewals

Elaine McIlroy-Hargrove
Great organization

I was a member of Native Seeds/SEARCH when the organization began in the eighties. I decided to come back as a member and to Adopt a Crop recently. ?This organization does so much to help indigenous peoples retain their biodiverse crops.

Membership & Renewals

What do you mean by, "What do you think about Memberships & Renewals?" I don't really think about them at all.

Michael Benning
Michael Albuquerque

I would like to thank Betsy for finding the seeds I ordered last week. Two of the seeds I ordered had been moved from Members Only last year to your Native American Seed Request Program this year. I am an old white guy that loves growing plants with native connections! I have friends at Santo Domingo Pueblo I get seeds from and have told them about Native Seed Search. Last summer I acquired a very old piki stone and piki bowl. That’s why I wanted to grow the Hopi Blue Sakwapu corn this year, so thanks again for helping me out. Also, I have backpacked to Havasupai several times with Boy Scouts and am looking forward to growing the Havasupai small seeded sunflower. Thanks again,