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Desert Blue Bells

  • WF019A
  • Phacelia campanularia

    Annual, low growing, blue-violet flowers look like little bells. Multiple blossoms per plant. Beautiful little flowers will be covered with butterflies and bees! Grows well in tight spaces like rock gardens and between pavers. Plant in fall to early spring. 1 gram packet. Covers approximately 30 square feet.

    • Elevation 0 - 4800ft
  • $3.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Dale Kennedy
Ding dong!

In a front yard full of native wildflowers this rainy spring, the bluebells are the standout. They offer a brilliant contrast to the predominant yellow of many desert flowers. They are not just blue, they are BLUE, an intense blue. When backlit by the sun they look as though they are blue lights. Each plant produces abundant flowers that last for days. As a bonus, the plant before flowering is very handsome, graceful purplish stalks supporting almost succulent leaves, deep green edged with purple. You won’t accidentally pull these, mistaking them for weeds. (I sometimes tragically mistake Arizona poppy plants for their evil goat-head cousins.)

I’ve planted these at every house I’ve lived in Arizona

They are the bluest blue and so easy to grow. Just scatter and wait for winter or spring rain.

A bonus is that they completely reseed themselves and the bees love them.

I have about 20 plants coming up in my yard right now. I can’t wait. Desert Bluebells are so beautiful! I highly recommend.

Desert blue bells

I cannot review because i just put them out

Christine Holloran
Happy to receive the seeds

Sadly, moved to a condo. Will share with friends who have yards.

Nancy Reid
Bluebells are the best!

I threw down my Bluebells and Mexican Gold Poppy during our nice December rains. I love this combination and both strong growing into their third set of leaves.