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Mexican Annual Teosinte

  • Z122
  • Zea mays parvaglumis. An annual teosinte species that grows wild from Nayarit to Oaxaca. This is the subspecies of teosinte that was first domesticated in the Balsas River Valley 9,000 years ago. As domesticated corn spread throughout the Mesoamerica, it received some genetic material from other teosinte subspecies such as Zea mays mexicana in Northwest Mexico.

    This wild ancestor to domesticated corn shares many of the same traits as modern corn. However, the ears are small (2-3") with only 1 row of triangular shaped seeds. Plants will produce silks and tassels, but will be bushier with many branches. Each seed is enclosed by a very hard fruitcase that protects it in the wild. Soak seeds overnight to aid in germination. Native to Mexico, wild Zea species are shortening-day plants meaning that flowering is triggered as the days shorten. Not from our Seed Bank Collection, but your purchase supports our conservation mission.

    • Approx. 3g/50 seeds per packet.
    • Not suitable for northern climates due to day-length sensitivity.
    • Limit 3 packets.
  • $5.95