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Chapalote "Pinole Maiz"

  • ZP090
  • Zea mays. A stunning corn variety that at one point was widely grown from southern Arizona to Sinaloa, Mexico. One of the most ancient races of corn. A gorgeous deep brown corn, ranging to a light tan color. Small-kernels, with slender ears. Plants are very tall (ca. 10-12 ft) and late-maturing. Makes a sweet meal excellent for pinole. Can also be popped. A staff favorite! From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Adapted to southern latitudes and has a long growing season; be aware it may not perform well in northern climates.
    • Origin: low desert, 623' elevation
    • Seed Saver Size available, contains info sheet on corn pollination and seed saving
    • Limit 3 packets.
    These seeds are part of our conservation program and are not available for purchase. They are only available through Native American Seed Request
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Lindemann
Uncertain for Now

Ready for a laugh?? I am engaged in a project to explore the evolution of corn. The past two years I have grown teosinte - the modern corn precursor. I am now wanting to see what true Anasazi maize might look like - 4 to 6 inch cobs of 8 to 10 rows. The chapalote is in the ground and robust - we must wait to see what the cobs look like. Great fun!!!

Brandon Neth

Love the seeds, they’re growing great :D

Joseph-Lee Morehouse
very good! Slow to sprout - 92% gemmation rate

very good! Slow to sprout - 92% gemmation rate , root system developing good , soil is fair has been mended rabbit poo and compost. Hit with frost lost about 8 % of plant but the rest wasn't bother by it one bit. Hoping for good harvest. Wa 'DO'

Linda Tanner
A Most Unusual and Rare Find in Corn

This review is being given prior to growing Chapalote "Pinole Maiz". From the start, I'm excited by the unique brown color, versatility and fact of being a Native heirloom available for growing and maintaining. Grateful for the opportunity to grow this beauty.