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Tepary Beans, White - Ancient Superfood Available in 24 oz. or 5 lb. Bag

  • FD261.5LB
  • These preferred beans of the Tohono O'odham people are slightly sweet, with a high protein and fiber content and unique flavor. A firm texture makes them wonderful in salads or stews.

    Now available in 24 oz. bag or 5 lb. bag.

    Food item, not sold as seed. 

  • $40.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Matt Seelig
Native beans

They are beans. I’m excited to try planting some prior to monsoon season.

J Chen
makes great vegan cheesecake!

Absolutely delicious! I was scared at first because I've heard this bean takes more time to cook (Instant Pot is a game changer here to shorten the cook time. Crock pot works well too but that will take much longer.). Glad I gave this bean a chance because it makes the most creamy and smooth vegan cheesecake! Best combination I have worked out so far is a Myers lemon cheesecake topped with blueberries compote. The whole "cheese"cake was gone in 30 minutes by a party of 6 very picky eaters. This bean is now a regular staple in my pantry. All thumbs up!

Anna Cynar

In our food system class we cook with these tepary beans in our Indigenous Foodways unit. They are great in Sean Sherman's Three Sisters Bowl With Hominy, Beans and Squash. Definitely recommend it!

elaine castellano
5lb bag

I would prefer smaller bags, even 2lb bags

Rosamond Finley

What a special bean NSS makes available to us bean lovers! These taste amazing and we appreciate the care that goes into each one.