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Saving Seeds in the Southwest

  • PB2017
  • Whether you are a grower serious about increasing seed production on your farm, or a backyard gardener wanting to save seed on occasion, Saving Seeds in the Southwest will give you the information you need to be a productive seed saver.

    Newly updated! Now includes more general information and crop-specific information on 3 additional crops: wheat, tobacco, and devil’s claw. Spiral bound, easy to use.

    Topics include:

    •  Understanding trait inheritance and plant life cycles
    •  Planning a garden with seedsaving in mind
    •  Recommended varieties for Southwestern conditions
    •  How to prevent unwanted cross-pollination
    •  Seedsaving techniques for dry- and wet-seeded crops
    •  Safe seed storage, and more.

    This little book includes detailed information for 32 popular crops that grow well in Southwestern gardens, plus a quick reference guide on isolation distances and seed saving techniques.

    Native Seeds SEARCH staff members Joy Hought and Melissa Kruse-Peeples have produced this great resource with our region in mind, but it would be useful for gardeners in most any climate. The 96-page guide is affordably priced and is part of NS/S’s effort to spread seed-saving knowledge far and wide.

  • $14.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
audrey lent
Amazing opportunity

My students and I are so excited to plant and store native seeds! This is an amazing learning experience.

Laura Stratton
Christmas Present

My father lives in the Oregon Desert and loves the selections I purchased for Christmas. He is looking forward to his garden this year.


Everything was perfect, thank you so much :)

Tim Nolan

Very informative, knowledge that every human needs to reconnect with before it’s too late.

High Desert Gardener
Happy Plants!

Very high rate of germination. These seeds perform much better at my high desert property than conventional seeds from the big box stores!