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Mole Negro

  • FD141A
  • Dark, hot, smoky chiles with a hint of cacao nibs. Medium spicy. Delicious in or on tamales!

    100% GMO free!

    Ingredients include: chiles, pecans, dried cane juice, almonds, sesame, banana (coconut oil), corn tortilla meal (corn, lime), raisins (palm oil), walnuts, prunes, onion, garlic, cacao nibs, salt, spices, tomato, Mexican oregano, thyme, marjoram, bay.

  • $17.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kimberly Sheehan

We also love the dried whole chiles.

Christina Downs
The best mole!

I ordered this mole mix because my husband loves mole. He has been trying to find something close to the mole his neighbor used to share with him growing up. This mix was the closest I have ever gotten. It is an excellent blend of spice and heat. I add an extra bit of chocolate and cinnamon. This is the best!

Chris Smith
a new family tradition

I took frozen leftover smoked Thanksgiving turkey (salt, pepper, melted butter, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey basted over applewood chips for six hours) and made turkey mole negro (rinsed canned black beans, assorted roasted peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cooked thick bacon, leftover turkey, cotija and monterey cheeses rolled into corn tortillas, smothered in sauce and one-hour baked until bubbling) ~ it took two large glass casserole baking dishes but they didn't last the weekend with my family of five adults. Delicious Delicious Delicious - I'm buying all the other Medium Spicy powders for the rest of this year. Authentic cannot be faked - where lesser quality powders use peanuts, yours uses pecans which are native. Many Thanks and Remain Awesome.

Helen K

Mole Negro


I’ve been craving mole for a while, and this hit the spot. I haven’t had mole like this since I’ve been in Oaxaca. I am so grateful for Native Seeds and all their products.