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Arizona Summer Poppy-Caltrops

  • WF003A
  • Kallstroemia grandiflora. The flowers on this sprawling summer bloomer are eye-catching yellow with red/orange centers. The plant will continue blooming for weeks in the heat of the summer. Plant seeds in spring or summer.

    • Elevation 0 - 4000ft 
  • $3.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jennifer Kelly
Seeds are growing wonderfully!

I bought seeds for an event I was hosting at my workplace and everyone LOVED the idea of being able to plant native-AZ flowers in their own backyard. Shipping with Native Seeds was quick and simple, and I was even able to ask for recommendations based on the type of seedlings I wanted. Thank you, Native Seeds, for everything you do to support local farmers! We'll definitely be ordering again for you all soon.

Carol P
Flower seeds

Sprinkled and scratched them into the ground a few weeks ago and they are already sprouting!

Geoff wyszynski
Never bloomed

Planted as directed and they never came up

uniquely beautiful

Planted in central Phoenix late July 2023 in the road verge (narrow strip of land between sidewalk and street) on west side of home. I broke up the dirt a bit and mixed seeds with sand for easier sowing. I used 1 large packet to cover about 80 sq. feet.

First sprouts started to appear three weeks after sowing, blooms followed 3 weeks later and continue to bloom now in mid September. Plants stretch out about 2 feet across and they grow relatively close to the ground--not bushy more like a ground cover. Good germination but I believe more plants/flowers would have emerged if I watered daily. With recent monsoon rains, I see new sprouts popping up. Flowers vary from pure orange to pastel orange with an almost pinkish center (remind me of mini hibiscus).

I am grateful for these lovely flowers after the intense summer we've had. I am also grateful for Native Seeds SEARCH for offering them and other gifts from the desert. Gracias!

Debra Jaworski
Great summer color

These provide great summer color in the middle of the Arizona summer. No problems with them germination and blooming