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  1. Green Chile Posole Soup Mix
  2. chipotle chile powder for cooking
  3. Epazote
  4. Desert Mint White Sage Tea
  5. Make a Donation
  6. Cheri's Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly
  7. Blossom bags are placed over the blossoms to prevent cross-pollination with other plants
  8. Green Chile Powder - MILD
  9. Prickly Pear Green Tea
  10. A fragrant and colorful soap assortment for travel, special guests, or the soap connoisseur. Contains 8 popular 1 oz. natural handmade organic soap bars (bluebonnet, desert sage, prickly pear, blue agave, black willow, cedarwood, wildflower, and yucca root). Soaps are identified by color on the gift box.
  11. ancho whole chiles
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  12. Toasted Barrel Cactus Seeds - Nutritious and Tasty Snack
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  13. Guajillo Whole Chiles
  14. Mulato Whole Chiles
  15. Smokey Red Posole Soup Mix
  16. Creosote Bush soap by silver lining soap company. Smells like rain in the desert. Organic, cruelty free, vegan
  17. Mesquite Poppy Seed Scone Mix
  18. Anasazi Bean Soup Mix
  19. Desert Wildflower Honey