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  1. Chipotle Morita Whole Chiles
  2. Naturally sweet cookie mix Used for centuries as a staple food for many desert peoples, we are once again discovering the delicious and nutritious nature of the mesquite. Ingredients: Organic white and whole wheat flours, mesquite meal, organic evaporated cane juice, sugar, and baking soda. 10 ounces
  3. Sonoran Cocoa with Mesquite and Chiles
  4. Blue Corn Waffle & Pancake Mix
  5. Pasilla Negro Whole Chiles
  6. Tamaya Blue Corn Atole
  7. Tamaya Blue Cornmeal
  8. Handmade, vegan, desert sage soap. Light green. Made with organic oils.
  9. Mexican Oregano
  10. aji amarillo chile powder bsp100
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  11. rancho gordo buckeye heirloom beans. Buckeye's are incredibly creamy, more like a classic black turtle bean than anything else.
  12. cheris jalapeno cornbread mix