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Broad Windsor

  • TS010
    • Vicia faba.  Classic, large-seeded fava with strong, upright, 3-6 ft. tall plants.  Large, tender, light-green seeds for fresh shelling. Can also be eaten dry when seed is allowed to fully mature. Excellent for soups or hummus. Plants can tolerate down to 20° F.

      Not from our seed bank collection, but your purchase supports our conservation mission.

      • Organically grown
      • Approx. 28g/15 seeds per packet.
    • $5.95

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Cecil Christine
    Giving seeds

    We are so grateful for these beautiful and precious seeds period we are in the process of dividing them up and sharing them with 140 middle school students associated with the tribes of San Pasqual, Rincón, Luseino, Pauma and Pala

    Mission Gardens
    Perfect match for Mission Garden in the City of Gastronomy

    The Fava Beans have sold well and we've done two orders for them this season.

    Thank you,
    Bill Du Pont

    Richard Mariscal
    Broad Windsor

    HI - I think Broad Windsor is the best! I received 30 packages of seeds in short order and have started our garden club. Within three days little sprouts have appeared and thriving. Thanks to Broad Windsor John Henry High School's garden club now has a multitude of vegetables and flowers to tend to. Thank you so much!

    Sarah Stolar
    Great success with these seeds

    What a terrific company to support and get quality seeds from… I can’t wait to buy more for next year’s garden!

    Barbara Hinman

    Every single Fava bean sprouted! I planted them early in March. The plants 🪴 are all about 6 inches tall, and now that the sun is starting to come out after all the rains here in SoCal, I expect to have an abundance of beans!